Осужденный за изнасилование Шурыгиной Семенов ищет утешение в молитвах One of the most famous prisoners of Russia Sergey Semenov answered questions from Andrei Malakhov in the colony. He is behind bars for seven months. The presenter is not forgotten about and have devoted an entire episode on his own YouTube channel.
Осужденный за изнасилование Шурыгиной Семенов ищет утешение в молитвах

Last year in the program “Let them talk” was touched upon a sensitive subject – the girl from Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina accused Sergey Semenov of rape. Leading the talk-show and editor of the journal “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov could not remain indifferent to the history of young people, and therefore became closely monitor their life.

Now Diana Shurygina – the main character of the show “hanky-panky” that goes on the YouTube channel of the famous TV presenter. However, a new video dedicated to the guy jailed for statutory rape. The crew went to a penal colony in the Ulyanovsk region, which already for the seventh month is serving a sentence Semenov. He found out what kind of thoughts visit the prisoner and whether he could forgive the girl who accused him of rape. He gave an exclusive interview specially for YouTube channel and Andrey Malakhov.

“I hold no grudge against Shurygina – said the young man. – I came to the conclusion that it is unhealthy people.”

Semenov was called that after prison, his life will never be the same. However, he plans and hopes to get education and establish a life. Write a letter to Sergey, to support it. While young people suffering away from the native people.

Осужденный за изнасилование Шурыгиной Семенов ищет утешение в молитвах“To see their friends and relatives – this is probably the greatest wish. I would like nothing better”, – says Sergey.

Andrey Malakhov has prepared a surprise for Sergey. He decided that the meeting with native people will become for him the most expensive gift. Famous presenter was interested to see the reaction of the convicted person. Semenov could not hold back tears of joy when mom came into the room. The young man hugged relatives who have not seen for a long time.

Sergey spoke in detail about the stay in the colony. He admitted that the investigation, trial and imprisonment have made him the impetus to pay attention to religion. Now the young man prays regularly. The rapist Diana Shurygina turned to her

“In God I began to believe after the verdict,” admitted Semenov.

“My greatest desire is to walk, just walk down the street and know that there are no barriers and fences” – dreams Semenov.

See the full release on the YouTube channel this Sunday at 11.00.