Анна Калашникова шокирована болезнью сына Little Danya was in a medical facility. According to Anna Kalashnikova, she was very worried about the child, as he has long had a high fever and the doctors could not immediately make the correct diagnosis.
Анна Калашникова шокирована болезнью сына

Anna Kalashnikova leads an active lifestyle. However, the constant shooting and participation in fashion shows do not interfere with the young woman to spend time with his son Daniel. Recently, the actress was not seriously disturbed by the health of the boy. The child became seriously ill, and had to be transferred to a medical facility.

“Some days he had a temperature under forty. We didn’t know what to do, tried to shoot down. Then we called an ambulance and went to the hospital, in this state, Danya was hospitalized. There he spent nearly two weeks. It was a nightmare. For us it was a shock,” admitted Anna, “StarHit”.

As Kalashnikov argues, she did not want to talk to anyone about the child’s illness. She had experienced serious stress. According to the actress, originally Dana postawili diagnoses acute respiratory infections, laryngitis and pharyngitis. Doctors have used various drugs, and put the dropper to the child quickly recovered. In the end, the boy was diagnosed with rotavirus.

Анна Калашникова шокирована болезнью сына“We are very worried about Dan,” says Kalashnikov.

By the way, Anna does not trust the education of his son to the babysitters. According to the actress, with the heir to help her parents and brother. However, the woman plans to find a governess for the Tribute, which will deal with the boy. Kalashnikov already listens to the recommendations of their friends and chooses the candidate for the role of educator.

We will remind that last year it became clear that Daniel is not a son of Prokhor Chaliapin, whom Anna tied a romantic relationship. Despite this, the singer follows the development of the boy since birth. According to Kalashnikova, ex-the chosen one sometimes comes to visit them and gives the baby the toys. Former bride and groom managed to maintain friendly relations. In difficult moments he always supported Anna.

“I’m waiting, when He will grow, she will be taking him to activities and we’ll see you there. And I want to walk with him as a senior fellow in the movies, the skating rink, to the gym, to play football. He’s a very talented kid, and I want to take part in his life,” explained Chaliapin “StarHit”.