Лиза Мария Пресли распродаёт вещи легендарного отца

The daughter of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley, Lisa-Marie, which is now to be treated for alcohol and drug addiction and is in a difficult divorce process with her husband Michael Lockwood, was put up for sale hundreds of personal items belonging to her father.

“It’s impossible to put into words.. family heirlooms, personal belongings.. She was put up for sale even shoes of his father and his American Express card. No doubt, fans will buy up all the lots to one” — the source said from Memphis. Among the lots there is even a birth certificate, issued in January 1935,which stated that the singer was also stillborn twin brother Jesse.
An insider close to Lisa Maria, says that Lockwood has severely thinned the Bank account of the family and almost spent all the money went to the daughter of Elvis. The woman’s lawyer claims that Michael just used it as a purse.
“Michael had disposed of their assets during the marriage, she trusted him and didn’t know what this means” — said the insider.
Later it turned out that Michael was a domestic tyrant, and even raised a hand to the mother of his daughters. In the divorce lawsuit, the lease requires no maintenance, a woman wants to be the sole guardian of his daughters.
Recall that in 2005 the daughter of Elvis has sold 85% of its things Broadway media Mogul Robert Sillerman for $ 100 million.
“On the one hand, it’s great that fans will be able to buy something that belonged to their idol, but on the other hand, it is very sad that the daughter of the king just sells such memorabilia of their father for cash. Elvis is probably rolling over in his grave” — insiders say.

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