Жители Грязи обижаются на Пугачёву с Галкиным

Tired residents Dirt these princes. Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin started a major overhaul of his castle. Again on the roads of the village crept the huge vehicles with construction materials and equipment, and this is not like the residents of the suburban villages, which irritates the noise from the construction site.

Жители Грязи обижаются на Пугачёву с Галкиным
Sources living in the village, told journalists that they and other residents surprised how quickly the castle became uninhabitable. Report that the Foundation of a huge building sagged, the wall appeared a crack. And after the recent storm even tore part of the roof. Also in the plans of the famous couple – change walkway paving, because the old “long spread”.

A team of workers from solar Tajikistan is working on the construction and repair of almost round the clock, and despite the fact that the repairs began recently, neighbors have expressed their dissatisfaction.
I must say that Galkin and Pugacheva has also invested heavily in the village had gas, water, built a Playground. But people do not remember the good, they are fixated on the discomfort associated with the star door.

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