Lisa Arzamasova struck by the act of the father of Vlad Galkin

Лизу Арзамасову поразил поступок отца Влада Галкина
68-year-old actor went for a swim in the sea of Okhotsk with sea lions.

Лизу Арзамасову поразил поступок отца Влада Галкина

Lisa Arzamasova, Maxim Kolosov, Boris Galkin

Photo: Instagram

Lisa Arzamasova struck act colleagues
the shop — actor Boris Galkin. After all, she even could not imagine that he would commit
artist description together with the actress to Sakhalin, to present the film
“72 hours”.

Boris decided to seize the opportunity and
take a dip in the sea of Okhotsk where the water temperature even in mid-summer does not exceed 16
degrees Celsius. What can we say about may, when the Sakhalin nature
only just beginning to revive after the polar winter.

The happy photo of the actor in the towel on
background the North sea and frozen Lisa Arzamasova and Maxim Kolosov (the latter, incidentally, very often with Lisa spends time not only on stage, but in his spare time) published online the actress.

“A wonderful actor Boris Galkin
added our impressions from the trip to Sakhalin, its easy
swimming in the sea of Okhotsk! says Lisa, ” There in the Bay near the shore
still a seal splashed! But we have not seen, because all of our
attention was focused on Boris Sergeevich”.

Seals although Lisa did not see, but other beauties of the island to admire in time. “After the performance, we managed to visit wonderful places,” recalls
Arzamasova. — Our kindest spellbound “stuck” at the boulders
Aniva Bay. It was impossible to look away from the water surface and the outgoing
in the distance, a huge tanker… And after half an hour in the other high
the boulders we admired the sea of Okhotsk. It is a pity that the pictures don’t transmit nearly
the purple water and the taste of air, and the light swish of the waves. It would freeze on
this side of the river. I will definitely try to come back here in September! Looking forward to
the autumn beauty of this land”.

Lisa Arzamasova, Maxim Kolosov

Photo: Instagram

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