Линдси Лохан о насилии экс-бойфренда: «Мне еще повезло, что я могу говорить» The actress will appear in the show First channel “Let speak”. Andrey Malakhov said in a social network that today will be broadcast edition with the participation of Hollywood divas. Shooting with foreign star was difficult, but in the end the transfer turned out very emotional.

      Host of “Let them talk” Andrey Malakhov announced in his Twitter the release of a unique edition of the program, which was attended by foreign star Lindsay Lohan has recently left Russian boyfriend Egor Tarasovym. The actress said on the air about how was her relationship with her chosen one.

      Lindsay Lohan arrived in Russia a few days ago and settled in the hotel Ritz Carlton in Moscow. However, immediately proceed to the shooting star failed. She needed rest after a long flight her flight from London to Moscow was delayed, which could not but affect her physical and emotional state. During the meeting with Andrey Malakhov girl had to remember the horrible moments that occurred in her relationship with the Russian businessman. Over the filming worked all night. After completing the conversation with the Hollywood star Andrey Malakhov shared his impressions in his microblog. “Interview in the eye, a world exclusive. Talking about the desire to escape from loneliness and danger along the way in the form of a young man named Yegor with rich parents from Russia,” – said TV presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit”.

      “I was lucky that I arrived in Moscow and I can say,” said in the teaser to the airwaves to speak with a famous actress.

      Previously Lindsay Lohan told the media that the Russian businessman beat her. “I realized that no relationship can continue despite the feelings. No woman should endure beatings and stay with a man who is not even willing to apologize,” explained the actress in an interview. According to the girl, such incidents were repeated more than once.

      Lindsay Lohan has revealed horrific details of the relationship with a millionaire

      One day Yegor jumped on the beloved while relaxing on the beach. According to eyewitnesses, the man twisted her arms. The actress admitted that after a few outbursts of anger Tarasova began to worry for his life. She accused the businessman that he tried to strangle her. “He almost killed me! I pray, please help! Let everyone know about it! You have no right to do that. You have repeatedly raised your hand to me and wanted to strangle me. You’re a damn psychopath! You need a doctor! I don’t love you anymore. It’s over, get out of my house!”, – these cries of the stars heard her neighbors after another conflict lovers.

      A candid interview with Lindsay Lohan watch at 19:50 on the First channel in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”.