Брэд Питт не позволит Анджелине Джоли получить единоличную опеку над детьми

The lawyers Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt have started the divorce process. About it before it was officially announced, so there’s no turning back.

A fan of Brangelina in shock – pair decays, where for 10 years he was envied, and that of steel as an example, calling it exemplary. Now pitt and Jolie began to get the skeletons out of the closets. The first negative to speak to the (still) husband allowed Angelina.

According to the actress, the decision to divorce was only a matter of time. She was tired to tolerate inappropriate behavior pitt, especially after his alcohol consumption and even drugs. To be honest, in the words of the actress hard to believe. Foreign tabloids suggest that it was said deliberately to when deciding regarding child custody Jolie won.

But the plans of the actress will soon crash on the rock by the name of brad pitt. Close to the actor, sources say that he will not allow his wife to get sole custody of the children, and generally called her plan “dreams”.

“There is no chance that it will succeed”, quote the sources of the word Pitta.

According to them, the actor doesn’t want to interfere with the angelina to be the mother of their children, but he will not allow her to prevent him from being their father. While pitt calls angelina Jolie “a great mother” and doesn’t want to hurt her in the divorce process.

Note that in the beginning of the relationship, the couple signed a contract where it was agreed the item “divorce”. So according to the document, in the case of adultery, pitt, full custody of the children gets Jolie. Now Angelina has remained the case for small – to prove the fact of treason husband. Rumor has it that it was the place to be at the filming of “Allies”. Supposedly pitt has his eye on the French charming Marion Cotillard. Incidentally, Marion denies its involvement in the disorder in the family of Brangelina.