Чарли Шин возвращается на телеэкраны с новым сериалом

The scandalous behavior of Charlie sheen for several years pushed him from potential employers. The showrunners, despite talent, didn’t want to deal with an unreliable actor, who was passionate about all the “joys of life”, such as alcohol, drugs and sex.

Now, after a sensational recognition that he was HIV positive, made last fall, Shin decided to take his head and stilled his ardor. It has had its results and gave Charlie the chance to do what he likes.

The star of the show “Two and a half men” was approved for the main role in the new Comedy TV show, whose title “Crazy family”.

Bus asked to play a character named Charlie Jones – loving man with a childish character, a heart of gold and an unusual Outlook on life.

In the Comedy will also star Naya Rivera (“Glee”) and Finis Mitchell (“meet the Browns”).

The plot of eleistria will evolve around three families who go to the country on the eve of independence Day. Instead of a peaceful holiday strange family arrange competitions to determine the best of them.

Date of the premiere of the television Comedy not reported.