Линдси Лохан погрязла в долгах
The actress is preparing to declare bankruptcy.

Lindsay Lohan


As it became known, 30-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan was back in a very unpleasant situation.
This time she was connected with the Finance. The fact that the owner of the London
the apartment of the actress sued her in court intending to collect from Lohan solid
the amount she owed him for rent. The landlord said that
Lindsay needs to it about 100 thousand dollars! This was reported by the website contactmusic.com.

According to the owner of the house where he lived with the actress, she had a Suite in this building together with Yegor Tarasovym, with whom Lohan was Dating at the time. As followed from the Treaty, each of them
had intended to make 50 percent stipulated in the contract. However, as
says the landlord, Egor made made the payment for the first three months, but
Lindsey never made a single payment. According to the source, learning about the lawsuit, Lohan
he instructed his accountant to prepare the documents for bankruptcy filing.

The fact that the claim of the landlord was extremely unfortunate for Lindsay the time, because now she has almost no cash. The actress recently
had invested her money in his new commercial venture — a night club, she
opened in Athens in conjunction with her new boyfriend, a Greek businessman Dennis Papageorgiou. This project promised a good profit, but
since too little time has passed…

At the same time, Lohan will soon have more bad
trial disassembly — Egor Tarasovym, which is preparing a lawsuit against her for
libel. Tarasov decided to bring Lindsay to court after her
a stage show of Andrei Malakhov, where she publicly accused him of cruel
beatings. Now Egor is going to add to their claims one more point: he accused
Lindsay in assigning a number of valuable things that belonged to him personally, which she
supposedly, borrowed from their common apartment. He sent his lawyer a list of “stolen”
in which are several works of art and very expensive wrist