Линдси Лохан в эфире у Андрея Малахова Hollywood actress decided on a candid interview in the program “Let them talk”. The breakup Lindsay Lohan son of a Russian oligarch Yegor Tarasovym girl told the shocking details of their relationship. She admitted that he suffered abuse and beatings.

      Линдси Лохан в эфире у Андрея Малахова

      At the end of last year reported that the popular Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan had an affair with the son of the Russian oligarch Yegor Tarasovym. The actress showed all his fans that are incredibly happy in their relationship with young people. Fans rejoiced that Lohan and Tarabarov great time together, traveling for prestigious resorts, rest on yachts, dining in posh restaurants. Later even began to appear about the possible wedding of love) on the ring finger of Lindsay sported an expensive ring. It seemed generous fiance doesn’t spend money on Hollywood beauty.

      However, in the future began to emerge, unpleasant details of these relations. According to witnesses, between lovers often quarrel broke out. Later, Lohan did not hide the fact that Yegor had used violence and even threatened to kill her. After Lohan and Tarabarov broke up, the famous actress agreed to a candid interview with Andrei Malakhov in the program “Let them talk”. For the sake of conversation with TV presenter and editor-in-chief of the project “StarHit” Hollywood diva has arrived in Moscow, where he held the meeting.

      Линдси Лохан в эфире у Андрея Малахова

      In the beginning of the meeting, Lohan thanked Andrey Malakhov for the fact that she was invited to Moscow and given the opportunity to tell their story. She also noted that it is very important for those who are also suffering from violence against yourself, but for various reasons can’t talk about it. The actress admitted: due to the feelings of love she had forgotten about their interests and was not able to leave Tarasovym. Lohan remembered what had attracted her in the Russian heir of the oligarch at the first meeting and tried to explain why these relationships ended for her so painful.

      “I first met Yegor in the company of my friends in an informal setting. We met several times – first in London, then on Mykonos, then again in London. Everything was very relaxed. Charming, very handsome young man, very open and honest. But initially there was no information about who he is. And it was strange,” said the actress in an interview with the presenter.

      As it turned out, the father of Egor Dmitry Tarabanov is a large businessman who is engaged in cargo transportation and owns a construction company. 23-year-old heir of the entrepreneur was educated in London, where he resides permanently.

      Линдси Лохан в эфире у Андрея Малахова

      First, the relationship of a Hollywood star with the Russian boyfriend was happy and cloudless. However, after a few months the situation has changed dramatically. Lohan confessed that she often had to tolerate violence towards themselves. The star was also forced to cover up the bruises and tried to hide from the environment, what is really going on in her personal life. But even a constant beating and difficulties in communicating with a loved couldn’t get the actress to leave him. According to the red-haired beauty, Yegor Tarasov was regularly violent towards her. She tried to find all sorts of excuses for his actions and believed that he was only trying to protect her.

      Lindsay Lohan accused Russian boyfriend trying to kill her

      As it turned out, the information that young people provide the luxurious life of a Hollywood actress, is not quite true. Lindsay has shared the shocking details of the so-called engagement with Egor. As it turned out, luxurious decoration was not generous token Tarabarova, and purchase the bride.

      “I myself gave a ring, in the end, everything is quite clear. This is a really painful time. I talked to his father about how he does nothing and she tried to support him. I’m very annoyed that everyone thinks this guy gives me to fly on private jets. No! My friends use a special application in which private flights take passengers. I use it myself and pay for these flights. We were going to move into your house, I pay another housing, don’t assume all pay for his parents,” said Lohan.

      The actress said that because of the strong and deep feelings she ignored all the negative aspects and tried to only focus on the good. Lohan admitted that Greg had no money so she had to pay everything myself. Lindsay sure it was her fault. A while Lohan thought he was a good man.

      Линдси Лохан в эфире у Андрея Малахова

      Also, the actress has apologized for the rumors that appeared after it became known that the girl goes to Russia. Talked about the fact that she wants to meet with Vladimir Putin.

      “I knew he was involved in charity work, and I would like to create an organization against child trafficking and to combat arthritis, to make this world a better place. That’s all I asked for,” admitted Lohan.

      The Hollywood actress said that after celebrating its 30th anniversary, the sisters and brothers who were present at the event, said that it would not tolerate such treatment of Lohan. The actress admitted that when she talks about her painful situation, it becomes easier. Now a celebrity wants to help every girl that is faced with the same problem.

      30-year-old Lindsey dreams of a happy family – she would like to marry a decent man and become a mother. “I would prefer to live in a small house and give everything to the children. It’s all about what I always wanted,” admitted Lohan.