Николь Кузнецова открестилась от романа с молодым магом Psychic commented on the leaked photos and scattered rumors. Nicole Kuznetsova and Denis Vysotsky not hide their sympathy for each other. As it turned out, with the magician of the 17 th season of “Battle of psychics” a young woman I met six months ago.

      Николь Кузнецова открестилась от романа с молодым магом

      Finalist of the 16th season of the popular TV show “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsov does not hide his sympathy to the youngest participant of the new show Denis Vysotsky. A woman came to support their favorite. But too cordial relations between Nicole and Denis aroused the suspicions of many fans of both psychics. Besides, Kuznetsova has a family – husband and two children. According to witnesses, psychics really had a nice conversation, hugging and kissing. The Network even got footage of magicians show feelings to each other. The finalist of the last season of the project were quick to stop the rumors regarding her relationship with the young mage. As it turned out, with a young man she befriended before his participation in the program.

      Kuznetsova said that she met Dennis six months ago at one of the events where they were introduced by a mutual friend. Then they began to communicate closely. Nicole admits that Dennis is one of the few people she can trust. And the husband knows about her friendship with a young magician and don’t have anything against their friendship.

      Fans also believe that Nicole can afford a relationship on the side. “Found something to write. Dirty gossip”, “the Main thing that the husband believed and understood! The rest is not important! Nicole Belle, “who has his own life uninteresting, he is watching someone else. Apparently, they have nothing else to do,” wrote the loyal fans.

      Nicole admitted that she admires his family – wife Alexandra of Zadok, and sons Stephen and Egor. Fans admire the beauty of a psychic relationship with your loved ones. Very often Nicole shows images, which capture the native to her people. That is why the news of her sympathy for the “Battle of psychics” has caused such a stir. Also Nicole explained the situation with photos that were taken in the Parking lot. The photographs were taken to document their encounter, fans began to suspect her of infidelity.

      Nicole Kuznetsova boasted family happiness after the “Battle of psychics”

      In recognition of Nicole, footage from the Parking lot mean nothing. She just came to support his friend before an important and demanding test for the filming of the next series of the programme.