Дочь Любовь Успенской рассталась с бойфрендом Tatiana returned to Russia alone. Lyubov Uspenskaya met the chosen one’s daughter earlier this year and was fascinated by the 35-year-old artist. Now, however, the relationship of young people at an impasse and they decided to leave.

      Queen of chanson Lyubov Uspenskaya recently was in awe of his beloved 26-year-old daughter Tatiana. In the beginning of the year, she met personally with 35-year-old chosen girl Shane. The artist made a good impression on the actress, when she came to visit them in Lyon. Then the singer was pleased with the young man and fully supported the choice of his successor. However, the love of Tatiana and Shane has not passed the test of time. The assumption did not intervene in the personal drama of his successor, however, formed his opinion as to why her daughter found happiness in the arms of her boyfriend, the Englishman.

      “This guy is no match for a daughter he does not want development. I their relationship did not climb. Remember how in that joke? Mother-in-law said son-in-law: “Son, I have one request: when I die, burn me and scatter the ashes around the yard”. And son-in-law in her response: “Mom, what are you talking about? A light breeze – and you’re home again!” I’m not. There are no morals. Now Tanya alone,” shared the latest events in the life of his daughter Love.

      Singer chanson noted that the relationship of Tatiana and boyfriend really changed her successor. The girl character has become much softer and softer. The girl continually admired Shane, and Love, in turn, could not help but notice how much appreciates and loves the man of her daughter.

      “He calls her my love and nothing else. Tanya in this regard is not far behind from her boyfriend, constantly admires them. “Mom,” she said to me, ‘ He is so good, does not know how to be angry. When I start to harass him, the most he can do is gently tell me, “Well Tanya, please…” all”.

      After the relationship of Tatiana and Shane collapsed, the assumption hopes that her daughter will find happiness with your her young man.

      “It is important that she really loved. Of course, it should not be from the slums. Must be talented. But the most important is to share all her views. She’s a girl well-rounded. Every day dancing and yoga, which teaches me,” says Love.

      After several years of living abroad she decided to return to Russia, believing that this is where she feels most comfortable with. As told to assumption in an interview with “Interlocutor”, she hopes that now her daughter will accompany her on tour and even accompanied his famous mother.