Как в кино. Юрию Колокольникову и Полине Максимовой сообщили об угрозе взрыва
In a call center received information about possible mining of the set.

Как в кино. Юрию Колокольникову и Полине Максимовой сообщили об угрозе взрыва

Yuri Kolokolnikov and Polina Maksimova

Photo: Press service

Polina Maksimova and Yury Kolokolnikov during filming
serial detective countdown NTV was in a very difficult situation. One
of the working shifts had to take place in a major shopping center of St. Petersburg. It
in this day the duty of the police of the Northern capital received the information
on the possible mining of the building. Fortunately, by the time of Wake-up calls
the crew has not reached to the shopping center. However, the planned
work was disrupted and had to redraw the whole plan of shooting.

The plot of the series captain Konstantin Korsakov (Yuri
Kolokolnikov) cold-blooded and ruthless to himself. Every day Korsakov
dealing with victims of criminals who are filled with revenge. Korsakov
need to prevent new crimes and keep victims from irreversible
errors. In this he was assisted by colleagues: senior Lieutenant Inga Gordeeva (Pauline
Maximov), Max TDS (Alexey Vedernikov) and Lieutenant Lucy Alekhine (Anastasia

In each series the intrigue of the investigation enhances the effect
the suspense, as a couple of minutes before the future crimes, the audience sees
the attacker and his victim. At this point begins the countdown and time
transferred back. Along with the characters, the audience will be way from the motive
until that second, when the victim’s life hung in the balance.

Shooting the detective took place in the modern business quarters
Saint-Petersburg. The police Department is located in an open office space where
you can feel the spirit of the metropolis. “I hope the audience new style of enjoy. In this
show all unusual – starting from the plot and ending characters. From the very beginning
we have identified my character as “self-confident COP”, because the police officer
itself is the epitome of confidence. And it is difficult to argue. Plus
cynicism and irony. Without it anywhere. Turns out superhero! But our –
special! Korsakov is a very vulnerable person, but like all real
superheroes, carefully hides it, and his cynicism and confidence, rather, a means
of self-defense. We’ll get him out “skeletons” from the closet, and some of
especially important, the viewer learns only at the end”, – says Yuri

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event