Эффект бумеранга: Юэна Макгрегора «бросили» и жена, и любовница
Eva Mavrakis refused to take the actor back into the family.

Эффект бумеранга: Юэна Макгрегора «бросили» и жена, и любовница

Ewan McGregor and eve Mavrakis


Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Ewan McGregor was left “with nothing”. Actor,
who last year left his wife, he was abandoned by his mistress. And when he tried to return to his wife
received a firm refusal.

In may last year, when the novel Ewan
McGregor with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, his partner in the TV series “Fargo”, only
began he could not foresee
this turn of events. It seemed that everything about him is perfectly formed. It
received the “Golden globe” for his role in the series. An affair with a young beautiful Winsted,
which is 13 years younger than the actor, has developed rapidly, so that by the autumn
last year he was living with Mary in the same house.

However, Eva Mavrakis, the wife of MacGregor, which
he lived for 22 years, did not hide that she was in despair at the collapse of the marriage. Not less
experienced and four daughters Ewan and eve… However, this has not stopped the actor:
January of this year he officially filed for divorce. But what happened next, no one
did not expect: it became known that Winstead left from McGregor! As claimed,
Mary could not stand the fact that everyone called her not only as “the destroyer
home”. And many friends have ceased to communicate with her.

Left alone, Ewan tried to go back to
wife. But eve refused to forgive husband cheating. When reporters asked Mavrakis,
not reconciled with Ewan, she replied: “No, I’m not talking to him. And I
don’t care where he is and what he does! As for our
divorce, he will not be stopped…”