Три билборда: муж Серены Уильямс «украл» идею авторов фаворита «Оскаровкой гонки»
Alexis Ohanian told the world about his wife.

Три билборда: муж Серены Уильямс «украл» идею авторов фаворита «Оскаровкой гонки»

Serena Williams with her husband and daughter

Photo: Instagram.com

Husband 36-year-old Serena Williams made for his
wife an unusual surprise. He, just like the heroine of the acclaimed film “Three of the Billboard
on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”,
rented several huge billboards. It took Alexis
Ohanian, who became the legal wife of the famous tennis player last fall,
to tell the whole world what his wonderful wife.

The first Billboard, set up on the border of Palm Springs (CA)
where now live the couple together with her daughter Alexis Olympia,
made according to the instructions of the Armenian inscription: “The great
“mommy”…” the second: “… of all times and peoples…” In the third “It’s Serena Williams!” However, unlike the above-mentioned heroine of the film, the husband
tennis players rented a fourth Billboard that designated names
the “authors” of the first three words: “Alexis-Alexis is a Junior and a senior”.

Recall: Williams and Ohanian
start Dating in 2015. In December of 2016 Alexis made favorite
offer. Moreover, Serena’s found a fun way to announce their engagement.
She wrote a prose poem, which is posted on his page
the social network. Williams work can be translated approximately so: “I
arrived home quite late. But someone stashed a surprise for me (in
box). I was waiting for “coach”. She took me to the place where the first time we
met with a loved one by accident… He got down on one knee and said
four words… I answered Him “Yes”! And in September 2017 Serena gave birth to
Alexis daughter.

Photo: Instagram.com