Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину Amaliya Mordvinova in India were warmed with a wood stove, and Natalia Vetlitskaya in Spain learned how to pickle cucumbers. “StarHit” found out what the problem was waiting for the celebrities who had moved to other countries.

      Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину


      COUNTRY: Spain

      PROBLEM: high food prices

      Eight years ago, the singer with daughter Ulyana changed his place of residence. Vetlitskaya acquired a two-storey house in the Spanish town of Denia. “Natasha says that there is peace and quiet, this it is not enough in Moscow, told the “StarHit” singer Roman Zhukov. – My daughter goes to school, and Vetlitskaya changed the profession deals with the restoration and decoration of houses”. At the new place of domestic products have become for her a real chic.

      “Crossed paths with her on the street and in markets, – has shared with “StarHit” the inhabitant of Denia Elena. Like most Russians living here, she is angry about the prices in Russian stores. The cost of food there twice above, than in Moscow. A pack of ravioli – from 400 rubles, the Bank of pickles – 300 rubles. Some enterprising immigrants even organized a business service. Make dumplings, and then deliver them to the customers”.

      Vetlitskaya and prepares itself. “Made pickled cucumbers and fried potatoes,” she writes in the social network. Bitch can’t get enough – What Russian food is.” I will not deceive nature, like it or not”.


      COUNTRY: India, USA

      PROBLEM: execution of documents

      Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину

      The actress left Russia in 2008. A painful divorce, a lull in the profession… to forget about it, Amalia went on a radical change: to eldest daughter Diana to live and study in new York to father Alexander Gol’danskogo, and she along with younger children – Herman, me, was really exciting and Serafima went to India. Two years ago, Mordvinov, too, moved to the United States. Renting the house. There began writing poetry, and this summer published his first collection.

      “The most inconvenient when you move to another country to obtain visas, residence permits, registration in the area, – says the actress. – United States – state visitors from all over the world, warmly welcomed our family. The most important was that the children quickly mastered the English language. Food was no problem: we don’t eat meat and GMO products, carefully read labels on packages”.
      Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину

      In India was more difficult. “Twice a year we applied to the Consulate for a short visa for Russian tourists,” continues Amelia. – Often found themselves in Spartan conditions. The first lived in the Himalayas, we had to warm up with a wood stove. In Goa I immediately took a large house, employed domestic helpers from the local residents and got ready for a lazy village life and times. The first night I realized that every five minutes past the window with a wild roar motorcycles, that is, peaceful sleep – it’s not about Goa. And in the first day, it became clear that my assistants can’t speak English and don’t understand. So I had to find a common language through facial expressions and gestures. By the fifth year of stay in Goa everything in the house worked perfectly.”



      COUNTRY: China

      The PROBLEM: the language

      Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину

      The singer, along with his wife, children, Alla and Maxim lives 40 kilometers from Shanghai. In China, Vitas acquired enormous popularity. So ten years ago he bought a house in an elite settlement on its territory only six villas, the blue lake and waterfall. The contractor quickly learned that he loves the local culture and cuisine.

      “I love the spicy cucumbers and Peking duck”. The main difficulty with which Vitas has faced is the language.

      Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину“Now I know basic phrases and can communicate with the audience, – says the singer. – I long and persistently he had been taught and still spend a lot of time and effort to deepen the acquired knowledge. Helps me a tutor”.



      PROBLEM: deception at every turn

      Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину

      Singer of the hit “I’ll kill you, boatman” tired of the Metropolitan lifestyle and the cold climate, for two years he is enjoying the sun and sea in Miami. In Russia in 2000, Alexei Lebedinsky (the real name of the singer. – Approx. “StarHit”) was a hobby – he photographed. In the United States opened a photo Studio. Lebedinsky complains that abroad he was constantly cheating, and the pharmacy advises people to be careful.

      “Especially among the Russian-speaking population thrive incompetence and monstrous irresponsibility, – shared the singer. – This applies to lawyers, and the purchase of car repair, and rental apartments, and renovations, and construction, and everything. American large companies, including banks, also bring a lot of trouble.”


      COUNTRY: Spain

      PROBLEM: lack of Russian-speaking neighbors

      Жизнь за рубежом: с чем пришлось столкнуться звёздам, покинувшим родину

      The ex-soloist of group “on-On” has received Spanish citizenship. Together with his family – wife Tatyana and 21-year-old son Simon – Asimov lives in the province of Alicante. According to Vladimir, where people will not hurry, do everything quietly that he was very close.

      “I was at his home. Them with Tanya a beautiful house on the Costa Brava, – told the “StarHit” producer Bari Alibasov. – Do business. Wrote an album in Spanish, but then I gave up, realized that he didn’t want to sing anymore. Volodya done with music. He is concerned about the career of his son. Simon received his higher education in Spain, trained as a civil servant. Working in the specialty, the guy has serious prospects. Only now they live in the Spanish area where no one speaks Russian. Boring. So soon this dear forget”.