Джим Керри отклонил новые обвинения по делу о погибшей подруге Western tabloids reported new facts discrediting the name of the actor. As reported in the media that Jim Carrey has infected suicide girl Catriona white number of diseases. The case involved the superior court of Los Angeles.

      Джим Керри отклонил новые обвинения по делу о погибшей подруге

      The case of the death of the girlfriend of Jim Carrey Katrina white continues to acquire new details. According to foreign tabloids, the actor rejected the claim of a widower and 30-year-old Katrina white Mark Burton, who accused the movie star that he not only gave suicide girl illegal drugs, but also gave her several sexually transmitted diseases. According to the man, Catriona suffered very much from this that provoked her to commit suicide.

      As stated by the Kerry lawyer Marty singer to journalists, supplemented by such facts lawsuit Burton needs careful analysis, since it seems far-fetched.

      “This is a vile, false claim of “husband”, made with the deceased in a sham marriage”, – commented the representative of Jim.

      Widower of Katrina claims that in February 2013, between Kerry and his wife was correspondence, in which she told the movie star that he gave her the three diseases. Then, according to Burton, Jim forced her friend to remain silent. Before his death, she called herself “damaged goods”, explaining that due to infections will not be able to find a new chosen one.

      The lawyer of the actor maintains that such statements are without any Foundation, otherwise, why would white again asked Jim to restore the relationship in 2014.

      “Numerous witnesses confirms that Burton was issued to Catriona sham marriage illegal, violating Federal law that prohibits such fraud to circumvent the law on migration,” – said the singer.

      The actor pointed to the fact that white never even lived in the same state with her alleged husband. Lawyer Kerry has admitted to TMZ that the actor does not intend to negotiate with Burton as the man blackmailing him such judicial statements. Jim will fight to the end.

      Recall that Catriona white committed suicide in the past year. Kerry grieved the loss of his beloved. “I am deeply shocked and saddened by the death of my cute Catriona. She was a kind and gentle Irish flower, too delicate for this world. She lived in order to love and be loved. I feel like I’m being struck by lightning”, said Jim after the tragic event.