Илья и Ольга Гажиенко устроили тайскую сказку на годовщину брака Stars “House-2” spent the evening alone. Olga Gazhienko and her husband Ilya left the son at home with grandma and went to treatment, where in a romantic setting enjoying each other’s company.

      Olga and Ilya, Gazhienko considered one of the strongest pairs of “House-2”. Daughter of the famous celebuski Irina Agibalova was fascinated by the charm of men during participation in the project. The lovers were married, and a year later they had a son Cyril, after which they left the reality show.

      Despite the fact that since the departure of the family for the perimeter after a long time, fans of the show are closely watching the fate of the pair. Fans happily congratulated Olga and Ilya with the fifth anniversary of the wedding, which they celebrated recently. The couple were moved to the depths of the soul and shared with fans intimate moments in the celebration of the anniversary of marriage.

      “Thank you very much for the congratulations! So many warm wishes from you! We are very-very nice. Yesterday was a tough day. Kirill has taught us a gift in the form of temperature 37.4 and snot. And I doubted, note us or not. Thank you mommy Irina Agibalova that came and stayed with Him. Thanks Kirill, who said, “Mom, I’ll stay with grandma, go with daddy on a date”, – said Olga in his microblog.

      A place for solitude, Gazhienko chose a SPA in which they are plunged into the romance of Asia. The couple shot a video in the room where they held their celebration evening.

      “Separate room for the two of us, all decorated with candles and rose petals, a Jacuzzi with foam, champagne and our favorite is Thai massage. By the way, the massage is done real Taiko. We relaxed like you went on vacation! It is so important to spend time together, how important is romance”, – shared his emotions Olga.

      “Well, mom sat with her grandson. You rarely go out with Elijah one somewhere. I’m happy for you,” wrote the star telestroke one of her friends. “We had a date “Thai fairy tale” replied her delighted, Gazhienko.