Москвич Семен Вайнштейн сделал предложение любимой в небе Flight attendants hid the ring and a bouquet of flowers, and at the right time, handed them to the man. Simon Weinstein and his fiancee Daria will soon become parents. Wedding couples will play in the end of the year.

      Москвич Семен Вайнштейн сделал предложение любимой в небе

      “Dasha didn’t suspect a thing, – said the 32-year-old Simon Weinstein with “StarHit”. – We wanted a few weeks rest in Greece. Bought tickets for September 13, departure at four in the morning. Boarded, sat down in its place. Half an hour after takeoff, when the plane gained altitude, I went supposedly for water. As I stood behind the blinds of office buildings, a flight attendant on the loudspeaker announced: “This flight is special for two passengers. In 2012, Semyon and Daria met at the sky. The plane was an iconic place, so today Simon decided to tell Daria the important words”.

      After I went to the Dasha got down on one knee, pulled an engagement ring and asked to be my wife. My favorite was in shock, eyes glistened with tears, but after a second she smiled happily. The stewardess handed over the flowers. Wanted to give a hundred and one rose, but a bouquet would be awkward to fly.

      Handed 25 buds – so many years of Dasha. We applauded all the passengers. Several men clapped me on the shoulder, saying, “Well, you give. Well done! Respect.” Dasha then admitted that it was the best surprise in her life.

      I am a Director of movies and dreamed that this important moment was special, like a movie. The script came to mind immediately. We met four years ago in the plane. Flew out of Egypt: I am friends with her friend. I switched places with the woman and sat next to Dasha. She was tired and took me in arms, managed to talk only to the end of the flight. Exchanged contacts, and two months later started Dating.

      I had to change the tickets, first we had to fly with another airline, but its representatives without were enthusiastic about my idea. I promonitorit Internet and found Royal Flight. Huge thanks to their crew for helping realize the idea. I wrote a script for a few days gave the stewards the ring box – not to catch him at the border and asked to buy flowers. A couple of times he almost spilled the beans Dasha, barely restrained. The wedding took place at the end of the year. Now we have other worries – after five months we’ll be parents, we will have a girl.”