Liev Schreiber meets with former lover Jellal Butler

Лив Шрайбер встречается с бывшей возлюбленной Джерара Батлера

After breaking up with Naomi watts Hollywood actor Liev Schreiber was spotted on a date. Until recently. Now, his life had someone special, and that “someone” — the former lover of his colleagues Jellal Butler Morgan brown.

49-year-old actor spotted on a date with her in the restaurant “at Alfred” in Melrose.
“This was definitely a date and not a friendly meeting. They hugged and laughed a lot, looking into each other’s eyes. Looked like Liv and Morgan very happy, they feel good together” — said an eyewitness.
Recall that the rumors about the breakup Butler and brown appeared in November last year, but a few times they were seen together this year. As to comment on his personal life, neither he nor she is not going to, we can only guess about what is happening.