Anna Kalashnikov stood up for Dana Borisov

Анна Калашникова вступилась за Дану Борисову

Russian model Anna Kalashnikov appeared on a talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, dedicated to the treatment of This Borisova from drug addiction, and expressed their suspicion regarding the purpose of the mother of TV presenter Ekaterina Ivanovna. Ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin believes that This mother is behaving suspiciously and do not deserve to be her granddaughter Pauline lived with her.

“I don’t understand why grandmother decided that living parents Pauline will be better with her – an unemployed man slandered his daughter all over the country. How can she be sure that to raise a child correctly if he missed his own daughter? I believe that Ekaterina Ivanovna should worry about the health of his daughter and a quiet life of Pauline, not to quarrel with the former son-in-law. In addition, knowing the real situation, responsibly argue that not all fiery monologues mom This is the truth,” said Anna.
Kalashnikov also praised the father of Pauline Maxim Aksenov’s because he takes care of her child and is not going to give the daughter to the grandmother. The latter fanned a scandal to the whole country a second time, saying, what man is trying to remove a child from the daughter. But as it turned out, about the official adoption Dana and max spoke last winter, and had discussed all the nuances.
Hit the link on Skype Borisov asked the mother not to meddle in her life and her relationship with Maxim. Dana also stated that he realized the depth of his problems and will do everything to recover and return home to her daughter.