Liev Schreiber commented on the breakup with Naomi watts

Лив Шрайбер прокомментировал расставание с Наоми Уоттс

Liev Schreiber and Naomi watts were another couple-victims of this “year of divorce”.

Behind many of his star colleagues, the actors decided to break up after 11 years of relationship. The reasons for the collapse of the family was not called, and do Liv and Naomi did not comment on the ending of his love.

Recently, Schreiber has been a guest on the show on CBS, where he spoke about what is happening in his life.

So, the star of the show “ray Donovan” admitted Naomi, they tried to maintain friendly relations. They did this largely for the sake of their sons: “We’re parents, so no matter what, we will be together until the end of life, we are very close. I think that will never change”. The actor said that the changes in his life a few scare him, but life goes on and we must move on.

The host of the program asked did his guest in search of new love. But Liv tried to laugh it off, saying that now all his time is devoted to the Broadway production called “Dangerous liaisons.”