Либерж Кпадону сравнили с Бейонсе Star “Houses-2” has become a long-haired blonde. Liberi Kadono dyed and straightened my hair, after which fans began to compare her with the famous American pop diva Beyonce.

      Либерж Кпадону сравнили с Бейонсе

      Liberi Kadono wanted to upgrade its image by the summer. The star of “House-2” decided to do a complicated and costly procedure with hair. From the vivid brunette, she turned into a delicate blonde. Length hair girl has changed, too. In order to implement change, a businesswoman had to bleach own hair. After that, the stylists did Liberg build-up, thus, she became the owner of long Golden-haired hair.

      “Thank you for a wonderful playtime! This African I have not seen – was delighted with the result of staining the girl. – Change! And the world around you will change.”

      The photographs and videos that Kadono has published on his page in Instagram can be seen that the transformation had cost her much labor, because their hair finely curl star, besides they are very dark. However Liberi happy that she has a new image, because it is often followed by the change in appearance have women come pleasant changes in your personal life. And the girl, incidentally, does not hide that takes care of her very interesting man, whose identity she does not advertise.

      Либерж Кпадону сравнили с Бейонсе

      It is worth noting that not all fans are happy and enthusiastic about the new look of our favorite. Some openly upset, seeing that Kpodonu is no longer a brunette. “You’re so beautiful, Liberi! Blondie, you’re very handsome, smartly done”, “I don’t like. It may, of course, photos is not very good”, “I like live exotic! Girl”, “Oh, you shouldn’t have done, doesn’t suit you”, “Nobody will listen! Two weeks’ll get you high from change! Will freak out and wash away! I recently brunette, crassulas! But against nature will not go. We are only close to natural shades!” – began to argue Kadono subscribers in Instagram.

      Meanwhile, all the followers of the ex-contestants of reality TV show have converged on the opinion that now it has become similar to the famous American pop diva Beyonce. Dark-skinned singer for many years to repaint the hair blonde and straightening it often. Her image is recognizable around the world, and fans already can not imagine how it would look like their favorite singer, she is repainted in a dark color.

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