Елена Летучая: «Жених для меня и друг, и любовник» The star of “Revizorro” told “StarHit” what advice she gives favorite who’s the boss and why she was forced to abandon hard work. Elena Letuchaya also told of the preparations for the wedding, plans to be a mother and relationship with her future husband.

      Елена Летучая: «Жених для меня и друг, и любовник»

      Flying around gets her way: whether it be a job, dream or

      extreme sports. Now she has a new goal – to become a mother and to devote herself to the family. After reading on the Internet about notoriety 37-year-old presenter, I was preparing to meet a strict and rigid social climber, and saw a light, peaceful and feminine Lena. In an interview with “StarHit” she said, as is preparing for the wedding, which changed the priorities in life and when you get back to “Revizorro”.

      Fears – battle!

      Once I was embarrassed to even talk with strangers – Elena says “StarHit”. – It was difficult to approach the man on the street and ask the question: “what time is it?” In 12 years realized the need to fight with fears, to change in yourself what you do not like. To start using force tried to chat with passers-by. Blushing, with trembling hands asked: “How to get on such a street?”

      Work gives me strength. Remember, already in adulthood had a fear of heights, as a consequence – to descend the mountain. Now I’m flying down on skis. A few years ago I was not ready to start a family, become a wife and mother. At the moment all the way around.
      Елена Летучая: «Жених для меня и друг, и любовник»

      As a child I was a Tomboy and never imagined my own wedding. Now the preparation for it goes at full speed. It turned out that may tremblingly to the triumph… These chores are enjoyable for me. Basically love to pick up myself, without stylists, even for filming. So dress found on your own.

      Do not approve of the style a La the woman in the samovar, meters of lace… I Wanted simple, with straps. Had planned to buy a small white Valentino, but friend stopped. And I gave up. Seeing the outfit from Vera Wang, I realized – it was love at first sight. As they say in my beloved TV series “Sex and the city”, “don’t dress Faith to fit yourself under the dress of Faith”. I have tried it abroad, and then wrote to Moscow, hidden in a secret room.

      The presenter takes the first wedding gifts

      George (the groom presenter, businessman Yuri Anashenkov. – Approx. “StarHit”) didn’t make me leave “Revizorro” how many people write on the Internet. Just to build a family in the eternal road will not work. With the stomach will not altaassa in the country, but the house does not zasyadesh – need to adapt to changing priorities, be able to combine.

      I am producing a new project from the line of “Revizorro”. We are preparing a bomb that will break all the ratings. I am often asked: “How do you feel about the fact that Olga Romanov who replaced you on the screen, called the “Queen”?” Answer: “the Title must be earned”.

      Елена Летучая: «Жених для меня и друг, и любовник»The main authority for me – the groom. He’s a lawyer and gives me a lot of tips, explains. Jura can sort out. It helps me to be a woman – small, not thinking. Future husband for me – friend, lover, shoulder – everything! Nowadays a lot of emancipated ladies, who pulled the blanket over herself. I don’t want! Always thought that the man must be the backbone of any family, like my dad. In this respect, I am an absolute woman.

      Yura knows me, the line that is inaccessible. Can’t say the word “real” because I’m not one of those who pretend not to. For me, it is important to be honest with myself first. Not like sycophants, hypocrites. I will not communicate with a person if it is unpleasant to me. Won’t listen to criticism from anyone – I know myself what I’m worth, but if you voiced someone serious – I’m open.

      Used to be able to stretch horn “or so, as I say, or no way”, and now compromise. But that’s just my inner work. My future husband and I are not in that age to each other to impose something. This kind of extreme nonsense is to remake man. After all, everyone needs personal space, people get together not because each other has changed by itself, they are just ready to take the peculiarities of the second half, looking in the same direction, make plans. We with Yura well together, we have common goals, objectives.

      Good behavior

      Елена Летучая: «Жених для меня и друг, и любовник»

      At home I cook. Jura is not worth it at the plate. It’s for kids can cook macaroni, fry some eggs – yum! We have excellent Culinaria my mom. When parents come to visit, I ask for me to make low-fat jelly, which can not learn how to cook. Still having trouble my soup. But Italian cuisine with friends. Everyone loves my eggplant some Parmigiano, veal roast, homemade pesto – add it everywhere! The groom says: “Even a simple dish you got is extraordinary!” Many of the ideas taken from Jamie Oliver. I watch it regularly, write prescriptions. About food can speak non-stop and, of course, see the future in own business related to it. Considering a lot of proposals, but so far none have accepted.

      Share with a loved passion for extreme sports. He rides with me on the bike, roller skates, longboard, engaged in horse-riding, Jogging. By nature we are different: he is quiet, I blast. But this distinction does not bring us before the fights – I can’t remember any serious. We all agree. I’m generally against conflicts. Friends don’t fight with your parents, too. If there is some misunderstanding, always call mom and dad to explain. Not right – sorry. There are things that parents don’t agree, but I’m at that age that tell them, “Yes, mommy, Yes daddy”, and then send them in the right direction gently. This is my women’s wisdom – to do wrong to me, but nobody noticed.

      Convinced that friendship between man and woman does not exist. They are either former lovers or future. But the women there! Though I had a bad experience… Sure the best friend and happy that she is in my life. In any situation will be next – both day and night. This is extremely important. I have so little time. We hardly saw each other during the period that I worked for the leading “Revizorro”. But I always knew that the closest person I have. We gathered behind a table, told all the details, shared their most intimate secrets. Now, of course, it is possible to meet more often.

      Care Helena Fly from “Revizorro” provoked a scandal

      Popularity, which came to me on a treacherous path, I use correctly. Never thought 10 years ago that I would become a public person. Lucky that now, with the help of this option can make people happy.

      Tells the story not for praise – will show an example to those who are just thinking to do a good thing. I had to lead a master class in Cheboksary. Three days before this on the channel “Friday!” received a letter: “Dear Elena Flying, my favourite TV host…” Every line of this message caused the emotion. Learned that the girl Masha, who wrote them, suffers from cerebral palsy – a result that dropped her at the orphanage. Without hesitation asked the producers to find me the address and phone number. Called her mom, agreed to meet. “Don’t call, please, journalists – I just want to organize for your girls holiday.”

      And here at 11 am, arriving in town, went to my little fan to visit. By the way, I bought sweets, gifts. Until the beginning of the event, at 6pm, all the time spent in the company of this wonderful family. We had tea and then went to the store for a surprise. Walking down the street. I was so happy, Masha! How sparkled the eyes of a young girl, when I wrote the autographs of every classmate, teacher. You know what happened baby I will never forget. And I’ll remember! Constantly get emails from moms who write: “Daughter wants to be the same as you, relying aunt”. My goal is to become to my children the same idol.

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