Lesya Nikityuk injured in a car accident abroad

Леся Никитюк пострадала в аварии за границей
On 22 March, the members of the project “heads and tails. Heaven and hell” got in a serious accident.

Леся Никитюк пострадала в аварии за границей

The car that drove 29-year-old leading Lesya Nikityuk overturned.

The girl had had a shock. Barely surviving the shock, she turned to his fans in “Instagram”.

“Friends, the first time we had an accident. As a whole group. The car now lies on its side. Here you can watch. Everything is alive, everything is fine. I hike a broken nose. I don’t feel it. Everything is fine. Nose is probably broken. So normal,” said Les.

Fans were quick to support the girl and wished her to quickly recover from the shock.

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