Pierre Narcisse accused of violent crimes

Пьера Нарцисса обвиняют в жестоких преступлениях
Pierre Narcisse, participant of the project “Factory of stars” of the charges.

Пьера Нарцисса обвиняют в жестоких преступлениях

Radio host Marianne Suvorov accused the singer of rape and abuse.

The wife of Pierre, Valery Kalachev was supported by leadership and reported that the behaviour of her husband was never perfect.

Marianne says that Narcissus is very nicely courted her, but that all changed in one unfortunate evening.

“I was in so much pain because everything was absolutely wild. All I saw was a crumpled bed sheet and blood. He beat me because I screamed and called for help. He pinched my mouth and nose so I couldn’t breathe. I cried and begged him. He threw me somewhere rolled… I began to lose consciousness. This happened several times”, – says Suvorov.

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