Lera Kudryavtseva needed emergency care doctors

Лере Кудрявцевой потребовалась экстренная помощь врачей The presenter told us about the health problems. Lera Kudryavtseva shared in the microblog frightening picture. Frame famous blonde sealed at the time of provision of first aid.
Лере Кудрявцевой потребовалась экстренная помощь врачей

Lera Kudryavtseva is trying to lead an active lifestyle. Despite a tight schedule, she plays sports, attending social events, traveling. In addition, the star finds time to deal with family and household chores. Fans of the stars do not cease to admire her zest for life. They often try to find out from favorite the secret of her vitality.

But recently, celebrity have posted in “Instagram” is a terrifying picture. In the photo the woman is surrounded by ambulance workers. The reason for referring to physicians not called leading. However, the signature to the post intrigued her followers. “Sometimes it happens. Without the help of doctors already not able to cope,” simply signed frame telediva.

Despite the fact that the recording was made in section storis, fans Lera immediately started to write her wishes for health under the previous publications. They reported that not a little scared for the idol, and we are waiting for details about her condition. In addition, many users of the social network have noticed that lately Kudryavtseva works too much.

“Lera! What happened?” “How are you feeling? Just do not forget that there are people who respect you and want to see your talent. Take care of yourself!” “A workaholic! Do you ever rest? This is the main secret of long life – good relaxation! Don’t forget that, please,” – wanted subscribers of the star.

The word is the anxiety of the fans for the favorite is justified. Recall that recently Lera has passed a medical examination. Then it was found that she is genetically predisposed to certain diseases.

“I thought, why I have constant headaches? It turns out, went to “a reward” from past generations – the doctors discovered a tendency to severe migraines. Also, through the tests found out what vitamins I take are most effective, what products are most useful,” – said the popular blonde.

But, according to the star itself, it is not going to be discouraged. Her main secret of optimism is the belief that all must be well. Every time in life Kudryavtseva happen turmoil, she begins to sort through in my head different situations and realizes that there are people worse than her. Celebrity also admitted that in every problem tries to see the positive side. Lera Kudryavtseva discovered a hereditary disease