Децл осудил исполнение песни Басты военным хором

Cyril Tolmatsky, better known under the alias Decl has criticized the performance of “Russian army Choir” songs of the rapper Basta (Vasily Vakulenko), “Girl.” Yesterday, may 16, the musician said that it was “populist and pop course” and “support totalitarianism”.

According to Tolmatsky, the military the choir must sing Patriotic songs and not songs Basta.
“Army the choir must sing Patriotic songs, not the songs of Basto” — Kirill said and added that he did not wish his songs covered by a military choir.
“It is better that it was a children’s choir. I’m a pacifist and war are bad. Think that support totalitarianism in the country in the XXI century is not very well,” he said.
Recall that the members of the group congratulated Basta happy birthday to the performance of his song “Girl,” admitted that the creativity of hip-hop artist inspires them. Claims Tolmatskogo in Vakulenko clear – two artists has long publicly Express my “fu” towards each other, and in December, Basil was ordered to pay Cyril of 50 thousand rubles for insulting the honor and dignity.