Lera Kudryavtseva almost lost my family

Лера Кудрявцева едва не потеряла семью Celebrity is proud to achieving success in show business, remains itself. However Lera has admitted that he was in life a difficult period, when she almost lost the most dear – his parents and sister. Stardom called for short, fragile girl, but popular blonde managed to overcome it.

Famous and popular on television, successful, rich and beautiful, Lera Kudryavtseva admitted that her life has been a lot of tragedies and upheavals. The most difficult test was the test of popularity. When the girl from Kazakhstan managed to succeed in Moscow, she temporarily lost self-control. The star admitted that her behaviour at the time shocked many. She same it seemed that nothing had changed. She still considered herself cute, educated, modest girl. And this apparent reality was worst of all.

“Now I think it’s funny, but the problem is the star disease was. I was unclear in that period, what am I doing wrong, but people noticed. Surprisingly, seeing this, I was not trying to put in place,” – says Lera Kudryavtseva.

Saddest of all, according to leading herself, was that she hurt loved ones, blood relatives. Mom and dad just regret shook his head, looking at the pathos daughter, who achieved the first results in poienii show business. But my sister Oksana was not ready to tolerate her arrogance. From childhood girls were very close, and then a popular senior, played a cruel joke with them.

“I got really offended sister. She stopped talking to me. Then, when she, apparently, quite boiling, she gave me everything. I was scared of the thought that I lost it. Remember, forgiveness on his knees he begged,” recalls leading the program “One day” on NTV.

Family drama forced Leroux to reassess values. A quarrel with a relative affected her sobering. After the armistice with the parental family, a celebrity began to track all of your words, speak to people, even the timbre and tone of voice. The star admits that it was so, gradually, the star fever, and exhausted.

It should be noted that the openness and kindness but also compassion and empathy of other people’s experiences today are at Kudryavtseva, the head of the corner. After all, the program “the Secret to a million”, which is the leading Kudryavtseva, have to communicate with celebrities. And more importantly, they were not afraid to share their secrets. The star itself sometimes cannot control her emotions and crying during the interview. According to the popular blonde, listening to the tragic stories of colleagues, it is difficult to remain indifferent.