Лепс прекратил работу с продюсерским коллективом PC LEPS

Famous Russian singer Grigory Leps has fired all employees of its own producer center PC LEPS. According to PR-the Manager of the artist Maya Serikova, this was a mutual decision.

“It was a judgment call, normal things. People make their way, moving on. We have maintained a good relationship, and this is important. We’ve been together 11 years, it’s a long road together” — said Serikova reporters.
Maya did not hide the fact that he and Gregory had work conflicts, but in the end they still kept the friendship.
About the cause of the care team are not yet known, but the artist himself has not yet commented on the incident and the reasons for its decision.
Recall that in 2016, the Network got a video taken at the concert of Leps. It shows the artist playing the song “I’m happy” almost fell, if the hands of the assistants had not caught him. At the same time began says that Leps abusing alcohol. The artist stood up several of his colleagues. They denied this information and stated that Gregory just became ill, and alcohol he does not drink for several years.