Иванку Трамп осудили за фотографию в кресле президента США

Not Mature enough yet. Ivanka trump, the daughter of the current President of the United States of America Donald trump condemned for the fact that combines pictures with his father and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau , she sat in the seat of the head of the United States.

The picture appeared on the page of Ivanka on Twitter.
“Held a panel discussion with two world leaders on women’s right to a place at the table” — said Ivanka, but the joke went past the ears and eyes of users. Someone even saw this shot of Hillary Clinton, the candidate of the democratic party, which lost elections in November last year.
Users of the social network reminded Ivanka that she had no right to sit in the chair of his father, because he is not a President. Some have even poironizirovat, citing the American tradition to hold the so-called days in the office to come with their children: “Lord, how many more days of “bring your child to work” trump is going to spend”.
Recall that while Melania trump, wife of the President, lives with her son Barron in new York and not going to move to her husband in Washington. It does not exclude that he would come to her husband when their son will be the school holidays, and will hold the White house for a few summer months. Meanwhile, support for the Donald has his daughter from his first marriage Ivanka. She moved with her husband and their children in Washington and helping his father in the service.