Leps and Nikolaev revive “the Morning star”

Лепс и Николаев возрождают «Утреннюю звезду»

The competition, which grew the current stars of show business returns.

One of the biggest TV shows of the 90s was initiated 25 years ago. From under the wing of its founder, Yuri Nikolaev was released, many popular singers Ani Lorak, Valeria, Sergey Lazarev, group t.A.T.u. Pelagia, Julia Nachalova, Julia Peresild. 13 years later the show returned. But the time dictates its own rules. On the wave of popularity of online resources, the project will first appear on the Internet. This time it is supervised by Yuri Nikolaev and Production center of Grigory Leps.

— Participation in the contest is absolutely free, the competition is democratic, will be able to vote, everyone who uses the Internet, so welcome to contact us, if not for yourself, then get the kids, invites Nikolaev. — To become a member you need to send a video to the site utrozvezda.ru.

Multiple nominations: vocal, music, choreography, theatre, movie, freestyle. There are seven, a very special family. Only in it can take part adult. Age limits of 2 to 21 years. The winners will receive valuable gifts, and grants for training and will be able to go on stage with stars in a gala concert in “Crocus city Hall”. The qualifying stage of the competition has already started.

Official presentation of the project took place in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Production center of Grigory Leps.