Kate Gordon: “On the show “the Voice” I came by accident”

Катя Гордон: «На шоу «Голос» я попала случайно»

The presenter was one member of the team of Dima Bilan in the new season of the main music shows.

Before we knew Katya Gordon more as a journalist, a leading, lawyer and songwriter. What was the surprise of the coaches show “the Voice” when they heard the song “Take Paradise”, sung by Ani Lorak, turned around and saw the microphone of the author of the composition – kata.

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“The show “the Voice” – for me the chance to Express themselves, ” said Katya Woman’s Day. — Got there almost by accident. In Ostankino with the guitarist we met a friend who works on the project, and began to make fun of him: “Why are you so green?” And he says that they have over 1000 people in the queue for casting. We had a laugh. He said, “are You weak?” “Why would I do that!” “I said, and then came to look and saw how many gorgeous, talented vocalists crowd, as if in line for a vaccine against the deadly disease, and decided to try it. All my life I was torn separately on music, lyrics: well you can dance, we paint, breast will do, or clean…

We have in the country humiliating moment: it is not customary to praise the authors of the songs. In the same America when an artist receives a music prize, he remembers all up to the technique of the Studio. When my songs won the prize”Golden gramophone” for “Take Paradise”, performed by Ani Lorak, the award “Muz-TV” “Duet of the year” Lorak and Grigory Leps with the song “Go English”), the name Gordon was never called to the scene. It was a shame though, because the air looked mother. Repeatedly happened in history, when brought to the station a song, call back from the production center and said, “Katya, you still will not deliver, but we can buy for two cents”… I thought that “Voice” is also a pipeline, and indeed, there are people who care about you as an artist. The man of whom I had heard a lot about but had never seen, Director, music broadcast channel Yuri Aksyuta said in rehearsals: “Kate, you have your content, you just need a heart to pass it, then you will win yourself and your excitement. He doesn’t even know how fateful role played”.

The show coincided for Gordon edes one event – October 20, released her first official album “Sex&Drama”.