Leonid Agutin told about the indifference to his own father

Леонид Агутин рассказал о безразличии к собственному отцу
The singer regrets about his past.

Leonid Agutin with dad

Photo: @agutinleonid Instagram Leonid Agutin

On the eve of the Pope Leonid Agutin turned 82 years old. In his birthday, the singer said that he feels a sense of guilt because of its past behavior. According to the artist, in his youth, he behaved disrespectfully towards their own father, what is now very sorry.

“So strange and even uncomfortable to remember that there was a time when I didn’t remember what number my father’s birthday, how old is he, did not know what he is town if he’s not at home, his health, what his problems… the World was spinning around me and parents were “service personnel”. Mom everyday, dad.” said Simon.

However, he said that those days are long gone. Now he just can not imagine life without a father, which is the most important person in his life. “Dad, I’m happy that I don’t feel how old you are, but you know. For me it’s important, he added. — It is important that you are near, what you are, you’re my father. I love you. Be happy and healthy! Certainly healthy. I’m ready to be “support staff”, but you’re not going to let you dad…”

By the way, not so long ago Agutin has appeared in the scandal center from-for joint performances with Angelica Varum. The couple allegedly had a huge fight on stage before the assembled audience, which was subsequently forced to make excuses.