Alice Grebenshchikova, commented on the adultery of the former husband

Алиса Гребенщикова прокомментировала измены бывшего мужа
The actress for the first time spoke about his personal life.

Alice Grebenshchikova

Photo: @alicegworld Instagram

Alice Grebenshchikov became the heroine of the show “the invisible Man”. During the filming of the program, the actress spoke about her personal life, making, incidentally, very rare. So, for example, Alice still does not like to dwell on the subject, which actually broke her relationship with Sergei Dandurana.

Talking about it lifted a participant of the program. The fortune teller said confidently that the cause of Alice’s parting with the civil husband is the birth of a child Grebenschikova. “After the baby is born, everything changed. This child ruined their marriage! He began to walk, she began to change. In the end, he is gone!” — said the fortuneteller.

Alice commented on this statement by admitting that her relationship with Dandurana not formed for another reason. “No! There is not in this case was…” — said Grebenshikov.

Heart Grebenschikova, according to her, freely. But occasionally she wakes up the senses to no one man in her life. “For me it’s now a big question. Sometimes I Wake up, I feel that I am overflowing with love. And sometimes I understand that it is a delusion. I Wake up and think separately. We don’t have any relationship!” — said the actress.

Recall that Alice is single-handedly bringing up son Alex. By the way, in the program, she admitted that dreams of becoming a mother for the second time.