Leonid Agutin saves a cancer patient

Леонид Агутин спасает больного раком ребенка Artist helps ward of the charity Fund Konstantin Khabensky. Leonid Agutin has not regretted means to alleviate the condition of little David. Thanks singer boy had surgery one of the best medical professionals.
Леонид Агутин спасает больного раком ребенка

This year Leonid Agutin gave a solo concert in Moscow “Crocus city Hall”. All collected from ticket sales funds went to help the wards of the Charity Fund Konstantin Khabensky.

Before the performance, the singer addressed the audience and spoke about the organization’s volunteers and / or plastic boxes, which were standing in the lobby. Agutin urged fans not to be indifferent, than touched the hearts of loyal fans. One of the spectators even had a star named Russian sting. The American artist is actively involved in charity work and spends a generous amount of donations to people in need.

“StarHit” contacted representatives of the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation, which spoke about how Leonid Agutin helped their wards. As it turned out, the artist was interested in the fate of one little boy, who was diagnosed with a serious disease. The singer has tried to do everything possible to make the child feel better.

“358 thousand rubles were transferred for treatment three of David from Krasnoyarsk, – has shared with “StarHit” in the organization. At the age of two years the boy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, the parents allowed all of the savings for the child’s treatment. When money left, came to us. The boy survived the surgery but had a relapse, after which urgently needed a second surgery. It was held in National medical research center of neurosurgery named. Burdenko”.

According to employees of the Fund, Simon kept in touch with the family of David. Relatives of the boy was touched by the attention of the contractor.

“Leonid all the while wondering through his aides, how the baby’s doing. Now David is undergoing chemotherapy, and his parents thank the Foundation and the artist”, – noted in the organization.

Note that Leonid Agutin here already long time is engaged in charity. So, last year, the artist was invited to his concert in Kiev, 8-year-old Matthew who is suffering from cerebral palsy. The company the boy made his mom. In addition, Simon regularly collaborates with various foundations, to help other people.

To help the Charity Fund Konstantin Khabensky at any time by sending an SMS with the digits on the number 7535.