Kevin spacey has confirmed that he is gay

Кевин Спейси подтвердил, что он гей

Amid a sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein, many celebrities reveal their secrets and tell stories of harassment. The star of the movie “American Beauty” Kevin spacey has decided to stand out from the crowd and admitted in his Twitter that he is gay.

Кевин Спейси подтвердил, что он гей

“I know that around me there are a lot of stories, they draw on the fact that I protect their privacy. My family know that I had relations with women and with men. I loved romantic encounters with men throughout my life and now I choose to live as gay. I want to deal with it honestly and openly, and it begins with an examination of my own behavior,” wrote an open letter to Kevin spacey in his Twitter account.

Admitted that Kevin is not just. It happened after the 46-year-old actor Anthony RAPP, who starred in the TV series Star Trek, has accused him of molesting. When the boy was 14 years old, spacey was trying to seduce him and to persuade to acts of a sexual nature. It is said RAPP, they met on the stage of one of Broadway musicals in the 80-ies. Then spacey was 25 years, while RAPP is only 14 years old. He invited the young man to one of the parties. After the guests left and they were alone, Kevin put a colleague on the bed and lay on top. No contact was not, after all, Anthony could be freed from the embrace of spacey. According to RAPP, he gave more confidence to the unfolding scandal, so he told this story.

Кевин Спейси подтвердил, что он гей

Following this spacey apologized to the actor. “I really respect and admire Anthony R pbuh as an actor. I was shocked to hear his story. I honestly don’t remember meeting, that was over 30 years ago. But if I did so, as he describes, I must offer him a sincere apology for my extremely inappropriate drunken behavior. I’m sorry that the feelings that he describes, was with him for years.”

After the recognition reaction went stars. “Goodbye, goodbye, it’s your turn to cry, so we had to say goodbye,” wrote rose McGowan, who knows about harassment and Harvey Weinstein.

“Statement of Kevin spacey does not justify his attack on 14-year-old child,” — wrote on Twitter journalist Dan Savage.

“When it comes to sexual abuse, and then sexual orientation? Sexual violence is violence, no matter what you orientation,” wrote the young actor Jordan Gavaris.