Леонид Агутин боится за дочь The artist feels that the safety of the child. Leonid Agutin said that recently his younger heiress Lisa got a driver’s license. Now the musician is worried how she will cope with the difficult situations which often arise on the roads.

      Well-known musician and mentor popular TV show “the Voice” Leonid Agutin has two daughters – Pauline and Lisa. Girls are pretty independent and live away from his star father. Polina studies in France and Lisa moved to the United States. Despite the fact that young ladies do not need constant care of their parents, Leonid Agutin very worried about their children. Especially now, when the youngest daughter got a driver’s license and she began to go on the road.

      “Lisa is very scary! As for any driver’s first year of service. Now they will run six months, will adapt and it will seem that the sea knee-deep, that she has full control of the situation. That’s what I’m afraid of. Several times she already drives me. After the birth dad couldn’t bring myself to sit behind the wheel and daughter drove me home. Can ride, he can”, shared the concerns of the artist.

      Lisa and Polina never cease to delight the success of his famous father. Polina studies at the faculty of law at the Sorbonne, and also shows amazing abilities in learning foreign languages. Younger daughter Lisa, who was born in the marriage with Angelica Varum, following in the footsteps of parents and really enjoys music. Girl playing rock band. Agutin fully supports the efforts of Lisa to succeed in the music industry. He’s been at performances of his daughter and he really liked how it works on stage.

      Leonid also worried about the personal lives of the daughters. Pauline meets with his lover Juan, and the artist does not exclude that in short time young people can get married. Agutin said that lovers are already familiar with heiresses. The daughter of Leonid Agutin for the first time celebrated in the family of her fiance

      “Girls just come to me on a birthday in Moscow with their Boyfriends. It was so weird. Time at lightning speed. It seems they recently were small, and suddenly the boyfriend’s next: hairy, guitar, Cuban. I ask: “What is it, Lisa, is there no decent young people? Why should he be the drummer?” “He’s a good drummer!” answered my daughter. Really. He played. And I understood everything. He is a kick-ass drummer,” the musician said in an interview with “Interlocutor”.