Кейт Мосс открыла модельное агентство имени себя

In many models, a career which has already ended, Kate moss opened her own modeling Agency.

Over the name of their offspring mannequin did not think long and decided to sing it herself. The Agency is called Kate Moss Agency.

Speaking about his new business, the Queen of “heroin chic” confessed that he always wanted to share with budding models with their skills and abilities, and now she had the chance.

Moss is confident that it will be able to find real diamonds and “promote” them to the world of high fashion, where they will achieve great success.

The purpose of Kate is to create stars and not just to fill the fashion world pretty girls.

By the way, Kate Moss, moss Agency will dedicate all the time. Now she has it in plenty – the model broke the contract with the Agency Storm, cooperation with which lasted from her 14th birthday, that is almost 28 years old. By the way, to help the moss will Lucy Baxter, who previously worked in the Storm.