Светлана Ходченкова пишет книгу о любви “StarHit” publishes excerpts from the work. The actress wants to have a positive impact on the subconscious mind of the readers. Svetlana Khodchenkova and therapist Rushel Blavo create stories for the project “Therapy”.

      Светлана Ходченкова пишет книгу о любви

      In recent months, 33-year-old actress glows with happiness. They say that the blame for the affair with 38-year-old businessman Cyril Maslieva. Feelings are so seized her that she wanted to share the positive with others. Khodchenkova began writing motivating tales along with psychotherapist Rusalem Blavo.

      Svetlana Khodchenkova had an affair with the doctor-orthopedist

      – We met at one event in Moscow, – says “StarHit” RUSEL. – I immediately understood: she’s the one who I need. And invited her to collaborate to write the lyrics for the project “Therapy”. Khodchenkova liked the idea and she immediately agreed. Moreover, part of the money will go to charity.

      She’s my full – time co-author, ” said Blavo. Together we will create four stories that should motivate readers to love, faith in God and positive. Later Svetlana will announce them in the form of audioparasitics. That is, it will perform all the roles, including the narrator. The audience of this postulate, from 3 to 103 years.

      The intention of the therapist, stories “work” with the subconscious and make us think about real values – family, adjust it to what is important in life – love and family.

      While the finished two stories out of four, “StarHit” exclusively publishes excerpts from them:

      Tortoiseshell comb

      “…A wife said to her husband: – Why am I? Not give you or daughter or son. So I’m sorry. Let me go out of the house aimlessly. And you’ll say I drowned in the sea. Then I’ll bring home a woman who would make you a good wife and bear you children, the solace of old age and heirs of your favorite things. – You’re crazy! – replied the husband. – Any other wife I do not need. You’re the only one I have in the whole world, and other women I cannot see.

      We do not have children, then God does not. We pray, and he will have mercy on us. And every day they prayed to the Lord to be born they have a baby. But as the years went by and children. And then one day went to the woman (her name was Anna) to the sea. She sat down on a stone, on which the waves break ever since, as the sea appeared, began to look out at the water and think… out of the water seemed big head the sea turtle and then a huge black carapace. Anna did not expect to see a turtle and asked: Is that you, watching me and talking to me? – Well, Yes, I am, ” replied the turtle. Is it really someone else? “But… what do you want from me? – I from you – nothing, – the voice of the turtle was flat and some indifferent. – Have you got the need in me… why did you take it? – was surprised Anna. – You just spent a magical rite and called me,”said the turtle.”


      Ariel and his friends

      “And they all – mom, dad, and brother and sister, and of course, my grandmother – without the memory of loved boy Ariel. And Ariel loved all of their loved ones. The whole family of Ariel lived in prosperity and well-being in the light house on the side of a big mountain that on one side is washed by the waves of the blue sea, and on the other side, flanked by green forest. All the days of her father and brother Ariel worked in the field or on the boat went into the sea for fishing. A grandmother, mother and sister were the household and, in addition, and were woven, spun and embroidered. Peacefully went to the light house on the side of a big mountain. While the elders worked, Ariel played together with your best friends boy friends as long as I remember myself. Friends were three flying over the top of the mountain Eaglet jumping on the green forest hare and floating on the waves of the blue sea Dolphin. With them all day long from year to year played Ariel.”