У Лео Ди Каприо роман с британской моделью

Test from Leonardo DiCaprio: and if you can at one time to guess, the girl with what looks and what profession has captured his heart?

Interest Hollywood bachelor has managed to attract a 24-year old model blonde named Roxy Horner.

Under messages of informants who are happy to share details of the new novel actor with the press, Leo and Roxy are in a pretty serious relationship. Of interest in the model Leonardo says at least the fact that he several times flew to her from the US to the UK (London), where at present she resides. The couple have repeatedly seen in the best night clubs in the city, and dinners in several restaurants.

Note that the introduction of Roxy and Leonardo came a few years ago thanks to their mutual friends, but then the girl was in a relationship with British TV star Joey Essex, Caprio, and during that time managed to change already a few models.

I wonder whether the new novel by Oscar winner a little long?

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