Джоан Роулинг ответила на критику поклонников

Critics of the famous writer JK Rowling advises to take sedatives and her choice. Gave the world of Harry Potter , the woman he defended his decision to take on the role of Hermione Granger black actress Noma Dumezweni for the play “Harry Potter and the cursed child”.

Fifty-year-old writer understands that fans are accustomed to red-haired Emma Watson, but this was her choice. In an interview with The Observer said Joan, than it is due.
“My experience in social media shows that idiots remain idiots. But what can I do? Such a world. Noma was chosen by me because she was the best person for this role. I was immediately attacked by crowds of racists who started to tell me that “Hermione should be white”. So my answer to all: Hermione can be black. She got my blessing,” said Rowling.
By the way, the script of the play will be released in print on July 31, the day after the premiere. Last year, when it became known the result of the casting, many fans of Harry Potter have been astounded and outraged by the choice of producer and the Joan.
Rowling has already defended his choice by writing on Twitter: “Brown eyes, curly hair and very smart. White skin was never mentioned. Colored like Rowling’s Hermione.”

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