Дети Валерии откровенно рассказали о насилии отца

The theme of domestic violence family are very well aware of Valerie. First husband artist Alexander Shulgin never once raised a hand on the wife and young children. Valeria, after parting with Shulgin, quite often talked about what a tyrant she had to live. Recently his version of events then the family of events told by the children of singer Anna and Tom.

As admitted to journalists Anna, dad beat my mother three months after her birth. The helplessness and resignation of the family could not stop Shulgin when he was furious. “I was very scared,” said Anna. — All I felt all my childhood is wild with fear”.

With the birth of Artemis, the situation has not changed for the better, but even worse. Now, under the hot hand got not only Valeria, but even a little son. The first blow the child a grief-struck father in 7 months.

“I turned to him not the breed. I a priori couldn’t do anything to hurt him. In a year I was sent to grandma’s, away from him”, — says Artem.

The cruelty of the father was manifested not only in the beatings, but also in the respect of his family. For example, Shulgin made Anna eat ice cream, which led to disease and was expelled to the street: “He threw me out in my nightie on the street. It was very cold. I stood face-to-gate”.

Once Artemis was a little carsick and threw up, then the father threw him in a cage for dogs: “He takes a Theme by the scruff and almost on the head gives. We turned the car back on, and the child was thrown in a cage for the dog.”

It is noteworthy that the younger son Arseny Valerie and Alexander to know of the cruelty of father was not necessary. Because of this the guy left only the best memories of childhood.

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