Lena Lenin mocked students of journalism

Лена Ленина поиздевалась над студентами журфака

Lena Lenina is usually for word in pocket not go. The owner of the network nail salons have an opinion about any event in Moscow or the world events, which she usually shares with people. So the other day Lenin decided to talk with the students of the Institute of humanitarian education and information technologies on the topic of how to communicate with media personalities. Here only to sense from this communication was not, after all, as students say, Lenin did not so much shared useful information, many accused them of inconsistency, and also boasted of its luxurious life.

What impression gained by the students after listening to the lecture Lena, said the Dean of the faculty of journalism at IGUMO Tatiana Vorozhtsova.

“Her PR girl herself contacted us and offered a master class in communication journalists and media personalities. We agreed. She really gave a few tips, but most of the time talking about your financial well-being. Me at the master class, and students later told me that she told them: “My dog lives better than you”. Lenin showed them their ad pictures with naked men. Of course, they were shocked”, — the woman speaks.

Lena even allowed myself to note that the chosen profession of some students (linguists and translators) at the moment and does not need, because there is Google. “Darling, you don’t have the iPhone 7? What then do you say?” — Lenin was shocked by his utterances on the audience.

Yet Lena did not comment on his disastrous performance. But still, what do you think about this?