Mila kunis doesn’t want any more children with Ashton Kutcher

Мила Кунис не хочет больше детей от Эштона Катчера
The actress failed the test.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher daughter


Mila Kunis,
which always kept saying that he wanted many children, admitted in one of the
recent interview that she changed her mind.

which was the lawful wife of Ashton Kutcher in 2015-m to year, in response to the question
the reporter, when she plans to further additions to the family, said: “Now
we have two children and we deal with them. All is well, I have two wonderful
a healthy baby. So why should I risk it and test my luck?”

“I understand
what I’m incredibly lucky. After all, when my daughter Uayett appeared younger
brother, she reacted surprisingly calm. Looks like she does
not jealous. Uayett yet so excited about the baby of Dimitri, even asks
so he slept in her room!” — said Mila. But at the same time, the actress
recognizes that children are given to her is not easy. “You know, between one child in the house and two
there is a big difference. But if before, when I was only Uayett, I
worried and crying for the smallest reason, but now I when something
happens say to yourself: “All is well, they’re still alive!”

Mila’s a bit nervous about the chaos that reigned over the children in her
house. “We used to have such a beautiful, clean house with a beautiful interior. Now
all drowned under heaps of garbage, diapers and toys… When you have
children can drop the idea of order,” says kunis.

even before the birth of Dimitri and Mila and Ashton complained about: they fear that
little Whaatt may die. As told to Kutcher, their daughter — desperate “daredevil”
and she absolutely a sense of fear. “If it does not follow, it is quite
can jump off some cliff…” But now they are so busy that they
simply no time to torment yourself with doubts and fears.