Лена Ленина оправдала измену Никиты Джигурды The writer and socialite was supported by his friend. According to Lena, Nikita Dzhigurda has converged with Lyudmila Bratash in that moment, when his wife went to another country. Scandalous showman felt abandoned.

      Лена Ленина оправдала измену Никиты Джигурды

      Nikita Dzhigurda continues to shock the public. The showman claims that he is the heir of a deceased businesswoman Ludmila Bratash, who became the victim of a conspiracy of friends the oligarchs. The controversial artist once again became the main hero of the program “live”.

      Writer and socialite Lena Lenina, one of the friends of Nikita Dzhigurda, stood up for a loved one. Businesswoman has told how he proposed to her. It happened at a time when Nikita was still formally married to a figure skater, but never lived with her. Parent Lena approved of her relationship with Nikita, but the entrepreneur does not share her point of view. “My mom likes him much more than many others. She understands his desire for spirituality. I people more realistic and rational, I do not want to participate in the mysteries. So I turned him down,” said Lenin. After a failed engagement out of the chair and went to America, where he is on the loose.

      Лена Ленина оправдала измену Никиты Джигурды

      The writer claims that her friend been true to his wife. As long as Marina Anisina went to another country. According to Lena, Bratash and the chair were lovers before he got married to Anisina those. They again came into contact, when Nikita was alone.

      “History of divorce lasts a year and a half. All of them wants to divorce. At first wanted to divorce Nikita, but after he came to the hearing of the alleged treason of the Marina, he didn’t want to leave her in a bad situation and ruin her reputation… Nikita is a very honest, sincere and decent guy. I believe that when they were together, he didn’t cheat on her. Marina for two years lives in France, and this time he had a relationship with Lucy. The scandalous video was recorded with her after Marina left him, he says, and he’s gone,” said the woman.
      Лена Ленина оправдала измену Никиты Джигурды

      The singer and girlfriend Marina Anisina those, Oksana biehler told that the skater looks saddened by the divorce with the artist. The woman claims that at the moment the athlete is still recovering from the breakup with the ex-lover. So, once Marina told the friend about what the wife liked. However, Anisina all dispersed Morrice. Previously, she gave a Frank interview in which he called the reasons why it happened. Marina Anisina revealed the truth about the divorce

      “She told me, “Oksana, ever since I broke up with Nikita, I have a problem. I may be and would like to go for other relationships, to let someone in your heart, but I can’t. Yes, he was crazy, but he gave me such as protection, peace, and happiness that can’t give me no man”, – said Oksana.