The wife of Igor Petrenko showed newborn daughter

Жена Игоря Петренко показала новорожденную дочь Christine Brody again became a mother at the end of January. The actress gave her husband Igor Petrenko charming girl. Apparently, the couple are happy that their family has another heir. The father of 26-year-old actress is happy that he became a grandfather for the second time.

      Жена Игоря Петренко показала новорожденную дочь

      At the end of January it became known that the young wife of the popular actor Igor Petrenko Christine Brody gave him a heir. This good news was shared by the father of 26-year-old actress David. He reported that he became a grandfather for the second time. Today he published the first photo of the baby girl sleeping peacefully on his right shoulder. On the left side there are the eldest daughter of the couple Sophia Carolina. Brodsky is proud of the fact that the daughter gave him an adorable granddaughters, and I signed the very touching “Grandfather”. Apparently, Brodsky happy that twice became a grandfather at age 45.

      Friends and fans could not remain indifferent to this picture. They are happy for the man and wished good health to the girl.

      The girl, whose name is yet Petrenko and Brody kept secret, was the second child of the couple. 24 Dec 2014 the couple have a daughter, Sophia Caroline. The marriage of the famous actor with a girl was a surprise to many fans of the couple. They played a secret wedding, trying as possible to attract attention to your celebration. According to friends of the couple Igor had to try to his sweetheart agreed to go with him down the aisle. The man made an offer hands and hearts at the beginning of last year, however, lovers have organized a wedding in the fall. Despite the fact that the scope of the celebration was a small young wife Petrenko Shine in luxurious dresses.

      “Kristina had two dresses. First, in the Greek style she wore to the wedding, the second, also white, in half – on the feast. Guests gathered about 40 people, they were entertained by the host and cover band, and in the end the triumph of made berry cake”, – said the “StarHit” surrounded by couples.

      Petrenko also has two sons from his marriage to popular actress Ekaterina Klimova. Boys Matthew and Roots was present at the marriage of his father with another woman. Apparently, the former spouses were able to maintain friendly relations for the sake of the children. Catherine has also found personal happiness – have linked their lives with actor Gela Meskhi, which a year ago gave a lovely daughter Bella. Husband of Ekaterina Klimova told about the fight with Igor Petrenko