Lena Lenin explained why hiding only son

Лена Ленина объяснила, почему скрывает единственного сына The writer spoke in detail about the child. According to Lena, her heir lives abroad and only rarely comes to Russia. The star claims not to shows the boy, because he feared to subject him to harassment by the paparazzi.

The personal life of the writer Lena Lena is shrouded in many mysteries. The woman tries not to reveal the names of their influential fans, and not saying anything about your family. Journalists know that socialite a son, but she never posts pictures of the boy on social networks.

“I love it. And why hide it from the vulgar curiosity of the crowd. And show only the pictures of the kids,” Lenin explained his position.

According to celebrity when she lived together with heir in France, she had to face harassment from the paparazzi. The woman admitted that the photographers were on duty under the Windows of the house to film an exclusive frame.

“The child did not go to school, and I ran to a lawyer. It is suggested to relieve tension and to lower the cost paparazzing pictures of the child to lift the lid of a boiling kettle, that is, to give one interview to a major magazine. In a small tender was won by the famous French secular magazine that offered a fee more than Paris Match. So I beat a record, refusing, even for good money to cover such a dramatic edition”, – said Lenin.

As admitted by the writer, then they had a hard time. From the house they took two different tinted limousine, and the wedding of the son took place in the presidential Suite of one of the five star hotels.

“Child fun was tried, but the next day after the magazine came home from school in tears. He was forced to write autographs on the published magazine cover high school boys and old friends stopped to talk to him out of envy. Then I had to transfer him to another school. And he never told anyone about who his mother is” – confessed celebrity.

After those events the boy even began to hide the fact that he lives with Lena in the same house. He was hiding frames with photos when it came to friends. Even with the tricky questions of peers, he never gave up and was silent.

According to Lena, a large part of the life of the heir spent abroad, so during our first visit to Russia could not understand why all the people around glum.

“How many are enrolled in good schools in Europe, he knows four languages. I’m an extrovert, he an introvert, I etik, Logik it, so we get along fine. But he doesn’t want to be public and does not like to be photographed. It is much more modest to me. And despite numerous offers from talk shows and other programs of the Central channels that attend to the stars, he does not agree to withdraw,” said Lena.

The writer does not name the father of the heir, but says he looks just like him. From his early years Lenin tried to instill in the child the correct values of life. According to socialite, she was never spoiled and is constantly accustomed to work.

“And for that he had before his eyes the examples of success in business, I introduce him to all your friends-entrepreneurs, and each of them tells him the story of his success and gives her the formula,” admitted the star portal Woman.ru.