Anastasia Reshetova angry dad candid photos

Анастасия Решетова злит отца откровенными фото The businesswoman admitted that the Pope cannot understand. Anastasia Reshetova told about complex family relationships. It turns out that the girl has to justify to a parent for erotic pictures in the microblog.

Anastasia Reshetova is the owner of a beautiful figure. Its a beauty rarely shows to the public by posting “Instagram” spicy stills and video. They star appears or in tight-fitting dresses, or half-naked. Followers brunettes repeatedly pointed out that she ought to behave modestly. However, the major portion of the homilies celebrity gets from his dad.

The model recognizes that father is watching her through the social network and often expresses outrage at the blatant publications daughter. She, in turn, tries to explain to the relative that these photos – the usual thing for modern society. But each time faces a misunderstanding on his part.

“Dad, really, very angry. We have repeatedly been strife about this. He doesn’t like in what I sometimes appear before their audience. But I am an open person! Both the soul and body. Because I’ve been in the beauty industry, and for me it is normal. For example, many Actresses, singers, famous models were even completely naked. But it’s just a picture. Most importantly, how you behave in person and how much is available in life. These things I’m trying to explain father,” Anastasia said.

Despite the debate about the public behavior of Reshetovaa, the star is quite a warm relationship with a parent. It is no secret that grateful for his strict upbringing, which he gave. She remembers that in childhood she had to Wake up every day at six in the morning to clean the house and prepare meals for the whole family. In addition, the brunette lived on a certain schedule, deviations of which often was punished. Now a celebrity with a smile says that at a young age often was angry at her dad for a late return from trips.

Anastasia also shared with other parts of education. It turns out that the model was educated in a Church school. She spent her childhood in prayer and teachings about the Supreme. But, as adults, have revised their views. Now she believes in sincerity and kindness, and that envy is the most terrible Vice of society, which she told in interview to TV channel Russian Music Box.