Legendary rockers AC/DC went on to tour with new singer

Легендарные рокеры AC/DC продолжили тур с новым вокалистом

In early March it became known that the 68-year-old lead singer of AC/DC Brian Johnson almost became deaf and soon may completely lose your hearing, if you do not start to urgently treated. For sickness by Australian rockers were forced to interrupt a tour through the cities of the United States of America.

To help your friends and colleagues on stage decided the frontman of the band “Guns N’ Roses” Axl rose. The man offered his candidacy as interim leader of the group, until, while Johnson is fully recovered and will not be able to return to their work.

Today, according to some foreign editions, AC/DC announced the resumption of the tour with rose as the frontman.

Not to say that AC/DC is a great success, because not only do they not disappoint their fans, but maybe make something new from this cooperation. 54-year-old Axl rose plays the guitar and keyboards. He was recognized as one of the greatest vocalists in various publications, including Rolling Stone and New Musical Express.

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